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First emerging in the end of XIX beginning of XX c. due to the improved public transport communications, despite of the city, place or a part of the Earth they have been erected, one would find similarities between all the Suburbs. Like a cancer they grow around historic, cultural and economical centers providing inhabitants with cheaper housing, a place to rest and to grow the future generation. 


Suburbs - the place where I grew up, the place that I have left, the place where I came back again to live.


The very atmosphere of all the suburbs is quite identical. Otherworldly, concrete grey-cold, timeless, foreign to nature. Traditional, regional methods of construction are rejected, internationalized. Projects and structures are the self portraits of the creators. 


I was running from Suburbs my whole life. Nevertheless like in case of a lost love, the realization of loss happened much later and I found myself looking for an old lover.


Its' embrace was cold, not welcoming, indifferent. Yet I was more than happy to reunite.

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