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Filipa Louceiro, 2018

This project appeared from nowhere.


A brand new 8K Cinema camera and a set of very rare anamorphic lenses was available for a day. After making some calls I got an actress. I had a team of good friends and excellent professionals. Without any time for a script, inspired by a great Terrence Malick, we embarked on a journey through the beautiful Portuguese landscapes.

Everyone knows - a girl, nice vistas and a slow-mo make a "perfect video". That was the mindset in the beginning of the shooting day. However human mind always strives for more and through the day some ideas emerged.

Plenty of beautiful material was produced during the shoot, though I didn't know what to do with it. Like a sparkling pieces of a broken mirror, I have started gathering fragments of the footage together.

It took me almost three years to make any sense of this project in the edit.

Finally, a quick, not even a story but an emotion aroused.