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Art Frames Time, 2015

What is [Photography]?

A medium that registers a moment in time. It is a representation - interpretation of [Reality]. The only constant is a frame.

What is [Reality]?

A moment where we exist right now. Any attempt to record reality is a failure. After one will finish reading these lines Reality (aka Present) will become Past. Reality is something we can neither stop nor we aware of it daily. The only way we can preserve Reality is [Memory].

What is [Architecture]?

Merely a construction? An art form? A tool used to delineate, divide, form an inner space from the  outer world? Or a perfect vessel for [Memory]? A collective, social Memory of a moment, an epoch.

The aim of this project aim is to establish and examine relationship between Photography, Architecture and Time, Past - Present - Future, through the following elements - existing doorway,  a printed full scale photograph in the niche inside the doorway and a newly built wooden structure.

Photography depicts the very same doorway with a person standing in the niche, showing time and date relevant to the moment when the image was taken - thus representing Past.

The wooden structure consists of three conceptual parts: first part is a straight forward physical connection between the doorway and the interior space to where the structure extends. Second part is a framed space, like a passage between the plain of the doorway and the plain of the wooden structure. Here people can circulate. Third part is made like an observational post. Finished with a transparent acrylic board it permits to see the whole installation through it and reminds that what we see within its frame (a photograph, a doorway, people passing through) is an intangible Present.

The doorway represents the Future. It will still stand there long after we have left the installation.

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