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LET GO, 2019


I have learned to dream on the backseat of a white "LADA-2106" that belonged to my friends's father. Every morning, it took us, kids, from our suburb to the downtown, to receive a better education in a central school.

Every day my journey to the Dreamland began when a LADA's tape player was fed with a Soviet Rock from 80's. That music drew colorful images that changed rapidly to the beat inside my brain.


I like the Analogue processes. I like old cameras and expired film.  A surprise that these experiences bring is unique - grain, saturation, shifted color, all these differ from film to film. Old cameras bring their own signature to this process: sometimes the film does not advance and we end up with a double exposure or a sequence of an overlayed images. During the drying and scanning phase dust and scratches appear. Scanning brings its own character to the final image. It is an additive process.


Idea is the most important concept of Civilization. Without ideas we are humanoids. For me idea equals to happiness. Ideas are nourishing. An artist without ideas is a corpse. Ideas manage everything. Through ideas we change the world.


The project has been born from a single photograph. The second photograph - a kitchen, big window, a view to the suburbs, young female, back lit, fixing her hair. Her silhouette seemed mysterious to me. I failed to explain to myself who was she and what she was doing at the kitchen. Probably a phantasm, her presence was so surreal that i hardly believed in her existence. I went looking for her. Out of the kitchen, to the street... Images tell the rest of the story.

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