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COAST, 2015

Once it was.

The One I was.

There was sand under my feet and the sky above me. There was a world inside of me and the world around me. All the trees, all the birds, all the clouds of the world. All the silence.


I stood still, my bare feet in the ocean. The water was smooth and warm, and wild and cold. It was alive. I was alive. I listened to nothing, and nothing listened to me. I remembered no words, or phrases or thoughts I’ve ever had. I didn’t remember what they were made of. I didn’t know what I was made of. I had the sky, or the sky had me. I had the sun, or the sun had me. I had the world, and the world had me.


Once it was.                                                                                                                                                  Essay by Leyla A

I felt a strong, mysterious energy after the first plunge into Atlantic Ocean. Unconsciously I was always
thinking about that feeling that attracted me to its Coast. The call of the Ocean was so strong and romantic
that I felt myself a rebellious teenager that runs away from parents’ house. Leaving city after city behind I
could not imagine, after some time spent on the Coast, I will be craving for the places I have been escaping.
This project discovers the Portuguese Atlantic Coast. The main interest and the main objective here - is to find
out what happens on the coast, how people occupy and enjoy it.

First ideas about the project appeared while hiking. In total three trips to North, Center and South each from
two to three days in duration, from April to May 2015 were done. Walking always on or nearby the Coast, not
losing it from the view.

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