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"Yeni Guneshli" is the last large-scale urban project of the Azerbaijan SSR, located to the East of Baku. The construction took place from 1986 through the so called "perestroika", which significantly influenced the quality of the content as well as the image of this micro district.

Since the end of the 70's, new prefabbed social housing construction was carried out mainly in Baku.

The growth of capital investments in the city’s economy, its housing construction and infrastructure maintenance demanded a revision of Baku City Development Plan, which was designed in the early 70's for the period until 2000's. By this time Baku became one of the largest, significant industrial and cultural centers of the former USSR.

After the collapse of the Soviet regime began a period of chaos and instability in the whole country and particularly in Baku. In the late 1980's and early 90's, construction almost stopped in the city. At the same time a transition of Azerbaijan from a planned socialist economy to a free market economy influenced the process of planning its development.

In the 1991, after independent Republic of Azerbaijan is proclaimed, "Yeni Guneshli" micro-district is halfway through the completion.

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