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COAST - Group Exhibition, 2016

Atlantic Ocean hypnotized me, i was looking how it moves back and forth, like a living creature, and it was interacting. Sky was framing it from above, Earth from the bottom, I took off the camera and framed it from the sides...

Coming from time to time to the theme of seascapes, this project came in sight while hiking at Vicentine Coast, south of Portugal.

That’s how the first pictures and “The Ocean, the Sky, the Earth” chapter was born. Sky reflected in the Water, changing its mood, changing its color, from crystal blue to muddy grey. Earth delineated, sometimes gently, sometimes rough.


The scale of the Ocean in comparison to man-made structures has been amazing. Attempts by people to conquer it were rarely successful. The picture emerging on the Coast tells the story how the water regains, with the time, what once was taken from it. The only successful example of conquest appears through the punctual implantation - up the hill, or on a particular distance from the shore, deliberately selected, possessing minimal presence, and micro influence on the surroundings - evidences of our ancient habit to stake the territory. Our ambassadors - indeed “Our presence, within Our absence”


The last but not the least - People. Fragile and vulnerable in the natural context - we have populated the planet for millions of years. We have always settled near water sources and along the Coast. Even today in the modern era - we profit from closeness to the water. We are ‘particles’ tiny crumbs, dreaming big - always.

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