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Eastern Block, Competition
ACT/UP, Berlin, 2020

3 photographs of “Yeni Guneshli” series have been selected to be exhibited, published and shared on social networks

Human Playground
Netflix show, Holland, 2019 (in production)

Camera Operator

(left side of the picture)

A Woman In Trouble,
short film, 2019

Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Camera Operator

Starring Mafalda Martins

Let Go,
visual narrative for Competition, 2019

Artist, Photographer


Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Starring Filipa Louceiro

Art Frames Time,
Trienal de Aquitectura de Lisboa, 2015

Artist, Photographer

2 photographs have been selected to be exhibited at Baku Photography House

ARXIFOTO, Competition
Urbanism category, 2nd place, Baku, 2020
Filipa Louceiro,
short film, 2019
COAST - Group Exhibition at
Municipal Archive of Photography, Lisbon, 2016

Artist, Photographer

Tomas Kaan is currently working on a documentary series which takes him to many places worldwide. For his project ‘Human Playground’ he portrays human play all over our globe. He wants to know why humans have the urge to jump, run, wrestle, dive or master moving a ball.

What is [Reality]? A moment  where we exist right now. The moment that is slipping away, forever and ever...

This project aims to discover and create connections between Architecture and Photography.

Figure out how both exist within the framework of [Time] and how they capture [Time].

An attempt to describe [Time] in terms of Art.

"Yeni Guneshli" is the last large-scale urban project of the Azerbaijan SSR. The construction took place in Baku, from 1986 through the so called "perestroika", which significantly influenced the quality of the content as well as the image of this micro district. [...]

COAST, Lisbon Book Fair
final project at the Faculty of Fine Arts,
University of Lisbon, 2015

This project follows the Portuguese Coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with the main interest and objective to
understand a relationship between the coast and the people who occupy it.


Directed by Tomas Kaan

First emerging in the end of XIX beginning of XX c. due to the improved public transport communications, despite of the city, place or a part of the Earth they have been erected, one would find similarities between all the Suburbs. Like a cancer they grow around historic, cultural and economical centers providing inhabitants with cheaper housing, a place to rest and to grow the future generations [...]

Premios Sofia,
Tv Spot for
Portuguese Academy of Cinema
Lisbon, 2020

Directed by Ernesto Bacalhau

Camera Operator

Director of Photography


Director and Cameraman

Kherek Chorek,
Documentary style content,
Khacmaz, Azerbaijan 2021

Director and Cameraman

Pel Qutabi,
Documentary style content,
Khacmaz, Azerbaijan 2021
Summer. Drifting,
Bursa Photo Fest,
Turkey 2021